July 26, 2018

US Mine Clearing Team and US Engineers from AB Miniatures

Oh yes, AB Miniatures… pretty much everyone into Napoleonics and WWII has probably heard about them and if so, had a bit of a shock after realizing how much they ask for their minis. Personally, I’ve been lured by their Napoleonic sculpts on several occasions, but luckily choose the 6mm path in that department. When it comes to WWII… 20mm is my scale of choice and now that I’ve decided to commit myself to Chain of Command, the siren call of those AB minis was too hard to resist.

Now, my first AB minis are ready for gaming table. The price is still making me grind my teeth, but I won’t lie, I find those sculpts absolutely lovely! Crisp molds, very dynamic and useful poses, faces with character despite the tiny scale! As a consequence, painting them was pure joy and I probably spent a lot more time on them than I should.

So far, I’ve finished two sets. First of them is US Mine Clearing Team, consisting of six figures.


The other set is US Engineers, consisting of eight miniatures.


Paint job is a mix of recommendations from net, painting guides and my own ‘best guesses’. All paints are Vallejo Model Color unless otherwise specified.

  • Jacket and leggings – 60/40 mix of 884 Stone Grey and 821 German Cammo Beige
  • Webbing – 819 Iraqui Sand
  • Sachels and other engineering equipment – 821 German Cammo Beige
  • Helmets, flamethrower, bangalores – Game Color 64 Yellow Olive
  • Trousers – 873 US Field Drab slightly tinted with 941 Burnt Umber
  • Boots – 846 Mahogany Sand
  • Rifle belts – 940 Saddle Brown

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