July 17, 2014

Even more distractions

Well, at this rate I’ll soon be able to put together a 20mm skirmish game or two. Wait, wasn’t that exactly the idea when I kept buying these 1/72 tank kits over all these years? Oh, whatever…

Anyway, not much painting or gaming done, but I managed to put together another plastic kit. This time around it’s a Sherman M4A1 76mm. One could almost suspect that I picked this one on purpose, so that that fancy shmancy Kingstiger wouldn’t feel toooo secure, wouldn’t you think? But no, pure coincidence folks, the Sherman just happened to be in easy reach at the time when I felt like building another tank.

Pretty decent, albeit a bit fiddly kit, this one. Truth to be said, I am a little worried about how well it will hold up to rough handling on the tabletop.