February 02, 2017

Serious reinforcments for the Austrians

Work on miniatures for Teugen-Hausen scenario continues. New addition to Austro-Hungarian force consists of two 3-pounder batteries – perhaps not overwhealming firepower, but better than nothing.

To be completely truthful, these are 4-pounders standing in for 3-pounders, which are missing in Adler’s range, but at 6mm who’s gonna notice. And while we’re in the ‘honest mode’, these guns are intended for the Grenzer force present at the field, but once again, Adler has no Grenzer artillerymen, so regular artillerymen in caskets it became instead. Sometimes one has to compromize.

In any case, here they are and if I may say so myself, they look properly ‘artilleristic’ to me. Next, a shedload of Austro-Hungarian infantrymen, as I need another five battalions of those guys to meet the ‘specification’ of OOB. Better make sure I have good supply of white paint!