March 11, 2015

Flashpoint Miniatures Vietnamese villagers

The other day I finished my final blister from Flashpoint Miniatures. The dozen or so Vietnamese villagers will certainly come in handy. I must admit though that even in the case of this blister, the choices of sculptor made my scratch my head in bewilderment.

Alright… now that the paint is in place, we can see clearly what’s included in this pack. First of all – four piglets. Together with the one already included in farmers pack that’s five little piggies. But wait, there is more! Sixth piglet is actually hiding in a basket that the guy in blue shirt is carrying on his back. Seems like guys at Flashpoint Miniatures sure like them some napalm-roasted bacon!

Next up, we have two ladies of the night. Considering the fact that this is a villagers pack, those two minis certainly seem far away from home. But who am I to judge, maybe they’re visiting mama-san and the cousins. At least that’s what the remaining minis suggest.

My personal favourite in this pack is the cyclist. Not only is it a useful figure, but it also has some character. And then there is that story about Carlos Hathcock, who supposedly shot a cycle from under a VC porter – there is a real world scenario background for you, if I ever seen one. Ler