June 24, 2018

Two for the price of one–Part two

And since we’re on the topic of plastic kits, here’s the last build of 2017. This little fighter is another favorite of mine, mostly because of the way it looks. I dare you to guess what airplane it is and who made it! Smile

Didn’t figure it out? Neither would I before building this kit – it’s a Doflug 3802, a Swiss construction built in the middle of World War II. Every time I look at it, I think that if P51 and Me-109 had a bastard love child, it would look like this!

Of course, just as in pretty much every build, there were some unexpected chalenges with this one. In this particular case, the source of the problem was… primer I used for undercoating the kit. Having run out of my usual Vallejo Grey, I grabbed a can of cheap grey primer I once bought in a local DIY store. Big mistake! The paint job for this kit required a lot of masking. When I reached the step where the tape was to be removed, the paint followed! I admit, there was a lot of swearing and a tear or two, because I was really pleased with how the paint job turned out. I had no choice but to try to save what I could with a hairy stick – end result is far from as nice as just before the ‘disaster’, but I guess it’s the price for learning a valuable lesson (Don’t cut corners when it comes to materials!).


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