May 17, 2015

Another Thursday evening

Upplagd av Minondas

Last Thursday was Ascension Day, which for some peculiar reason is actually a holiday day in Sweden. T. thought that the best way to to celebrate this occasion was with a quick western shootout and L. and I wholeheartedly agreed.

Background story of our scenario was as thin as a cowboy’s favourite worn out shirt – four bad guys were trying to leave town, while the sheriff and his two deputies for some reason attempted to send the baddies on their way in a decisively more permanent manner.

With a grand total of seven figures in the game and rather brutal death rules of ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, which we used in this game, it was bound to be a short and sweet affair. And indeed, initially it looked like it would be over in a heartbeat. The game opened with one of the marshals firing his scatter gun, missing and being shot in the head by return fire from one of the bad guys. The sheriff then stuck out his head from behind cover and shared his deputy’s fate. All that took about five minutes of game time.

With four against one, L. and I decided to statute an example to the town and take out the remaining deputy. Shouldn’t take more than another five minutes, right? One hour later two of the bad guys were lying bleeding out on the ground, while the leader of the baddies, with bullet in his leg, galloped out of the town in full panic. The remaining baddie (one responsible for two head-shots at the start of the game and under my control, mind you) concluded at the same time that the remaining deputy wasn’t worth his time and left in rather more composed manner.

As I  said, a short and sweet affair, perfect for a quick evening game – exactly what Two Hour Games aims at with ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ and their other rulesets.

20150514_182645_8_bestshotBeginning of the game

20150514_185655_3_bestshotMiddle of the game

20150514_193023_4_bestshotEnd of the game (shocker, eh? Ler)

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