June 04, 2014


Upplagd av Minondas

Well, yet again a month without any entries. There is no denying that May was an absolutely ‘dry’ month in regard of wargaming. Many reasons for this sad state of things, but the main culprits can be seen below. Majority of my ‘hobby’ time seems so far to be committed to my ‘original’ hobby – plastic models. Below are the fruits of last couple of month’s effort. The Junkers Ju88 in 1/72 will in all probability never see any service in wargaming setting unless I’ll go completely bonkers and start some sort of insane CY6 project), but the Königstiger could very well appear in one or two future games.



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Thomas Nissvik said...

Lovely Tiger! What manufacturer?

Minondas said...

It's one of Dragon's kits. Now probably withdrawn, but they release new 'big cats' all the time, their 1/72 stuff is always excellent.

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