April 27, 2014

Another outing to the town with no name

Today I had opportunity to participate in a test run of T.’s modified version off ‘Rules with no name’ and it was very enjoyable experience indeed. I won’t go deep into the ruleset itself, as I am almost totally unfamiliar with it, but the game run smooth and there was plenty of opportunities for a laugh. All in all, there are worse ways to spend a spring Sunday.

The scenario itself was a basic shootout between a gang of bandits and equal number of lawmen, mainly consisting of Texas Rangers. The game I participated in will be foremost remembered by a number of weapon malfunctions at the most inopportune moments. Unsurprisingly, with guns falling apart or jamming for everybody, the results were inconclusive, with one man seriously wounded on each side and the rest planning having a rather frank chat with the local gun peddler once the dust had the chance settle.

Anyway… here is a couple of pictures, just to show off T.’s hard work.


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