March 10, 2012

Balance Account for February 2012

Upplagd av Minondas

New "feature" for this blog - a monthly account of my activities. The main idea is keep track of current projects and increase the number of posts with least possible effort. Why's that? Well, mainly because there isn't much going on at wargaming front at the moment. With the exception of a quick test of General De Brigade rules on bare table, I didn't manage to do any gaming whatsoever last month. Output from the painting table is also quite meager and can be beheld below - four 6mm buildings intended for the inaugural game of General De Brigade. Those few who follow this blog will recognize them as part of my purchase from Total Battle Scenics.


There really isn't very much one can say about those buildnings - as can be seen on the picture, they are very nicely sculpted and there were no resin bubbles or holes in the walls that needed to be fixed before I slapped the paint on. Only minor irritation moment lies in the fact that sculpt of roof tiles is so tiny that it is difficult to get the paint to run into all crevices, which results in white dots all over the roof once the paint is dry. The trick seems to be to keep the paint really thin and add a drop of dishwashing detergent to break the water tension.

The paint job itself? Well, painting buildings isn't very exciting and as the picture clearly shows, the technique leaves a lot to desire. With afterthought, maybe I should also have selected more coherent color palette - those houses in yellow and pink will have to be put far away from each other. Oh wait, this blog is not titled "Home and garden design in miniature", so I don't have to care about esthetics! :-)

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