May 20, 2009

Adler ACW range review redux - part 2

Since the first part of the transfer went relatively smoothly, here is next section of the review of basic miniature strips with kepis.

Adler Miniatures ACW Range - Strips ACW1B/ACW2B

Miniatures on those strips have same basic advancing pose. Difference between variants 1 and 2 is as with the other two basic variants in this range - figures are equiped with backpacks or blanket rolls. In units that consist of those strips I usually add a couple of minis from strips XACW5 and XACW1B.

ACW1B - Kepi, advancing, backpack

One of first units I've painted for this project

In column formation

ACW2B - Kepi, advancing, blanket roll

Another union regiment, this one with a mix of both variants
and a couple of minis from strip XACW1B sprinkled among them

Another view

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