May 19, 2009

Adler ACW range review redux - part 1

Upplagd av Minondas

So let's face it - the homepage that I tried to build couple of years ago was a flopp. Not enough time and lack of enthusiasm made the updates quite rare and after a while I've abandoned it completely. However, during the time when I managed to keep my interest alive, I've published two articles that I believe actually contribute to the hobby. The two pages I'm thinking about are my reviews of Adler Miniatures' 6mm ACW range. I actually know for a fact that some people had use of them when deciding wheter to buy Adler miniatures. And since I'm toying with the idea of removing my old "Miniatures Corner", I've decided to move those two pages over to the blogg.

The thing is though that I hate how pictures are handled in Blogger and find it very difficult to post here anything with large amount of images. So I will split my reviews into smaller pieces, which hopefully will be more managable in Blogger's horrible text editor.

Part one deals with miniatures with kepis and in firing positions.

Adler Miniatures ACW Range - Strips ACW1A/ACW2A and XACW3

As far as I understand, firing poses are the least popular with wargamers. I have to agree that marching/advancing units look better on a wargaming table. At the same time I like the firing pose, and used it for a couple of my regiments. In combination with strip XACW3 you can create a very "warlike" unit with those minis.

ACW1A - Kepi, firing, backpack

ACW2A - Kepi, firing, blanket roll

XACW3 - Infantry, kepi, loading

Union regiment in action

The drawback of the firing pose. Units look a bit silly when in column formation.

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