January 02, 2009

Why Warhammer Ancient Battles?

My WAB project was started more or less by coincidence or rather for several, quite different reasons. First of all, I’ve been drooling over those gorgeous transfer decals from Little Big Men Studios for quite some time. I really wanted to have a reason to use them for something.

Then, some time last year, a friend of mine expressed interest in kicking off new project, preferably in the ancient or dark age period. He’s an old Wahammer and Epic player, so Warhammer Historical was a natural choice of rules for him.

By coincidence I was at that time finishing ‘Winter King’ by Bernard Cornwell. I can’t praise this book enough – marvelous story of King Arthur in historical setting, colorful heroes and villains and great battle descriptions. A wargamer needs much less for inspiration to start a new painting project. Before I knew, Hakan and I were placing our first order for miniatures from Gripping Beast. I’ve selected Romano-British as my army, while Hakan went for the Saxons.

That’s been about six months ago. Since then the project has progressed slowly, but steadily and I now have two infantry units ready for battle, while much needed reinforcements in form of heavy cavalry unit is progressing very nicely. In coming days I intend to post couple of pictures of those miniatures.

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