January 02, 2009

Blogg, homepage and blogg again

Upplagd av Minondas

Tempted by multitude of bloggs about tabletop wargaming hobby, sometime in 2005 I've decided to start my own blogg in connection with the start of my ACW project. After a while I've decided that despite the convenience, bloggs were somewhat limited medium and I've launched a 'real' website, called Minondas Corner. It's been great fun and the site is still there, but unfortunately real life intervened in form of new job, which significantly limited my leisure time. As a result, Minondas' Corner hasn't been updated for a very long time.

However, the wish to write an occasional article and show off some painted miniatures is still there. So it's time to go back to Blogger, although this time I intend to take baby steps. This time I intend to concentrate on one rule system per blogg. As the name indicates, main focus of this blogg will be on Warhammer Ancient Battles.

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