November 12, 2015

New recruits for Dux Britanniarum

Some of you perhaps remember the budding ‘Dux Britanniarum’ campaign that I and H. started about two years ago. Last encounter took place about a year ago, but neither the campaign nor the ruleset has been forgotten by me. Unfortunately, real life pushed itself in repeatedly into both mine and H.’s life and it will probaly be a while before next clash between his Saxons and my Britons.

Luckily though, a number of my buddies expressed a desire to try their luck as Saxon warlordings looking for better life on British shores. There was only one problem – H. controls his Saxons with an iron hand and won’t allow anybody to lead them in battle. Thus, the only way to enable my other friends to be bashed and sent packing by my Britons was to paint up a bunch of Saxons they could lead to the inevitable slaughter.

As always, buying the miniatures is only the first step. Next, they have to be painted and it took me forever to get going with this project. Now however the first bunch is ready and spoiling for their first visit to British Isles.

Couple of words about the miniatures – this lot was bought from a company formerly known as Musketeer Miniatures. These days though the company calls itself Footsore Miniatures. Absolutely lovely minis they are and a pure joy to paint. Recommended without any reservations!





  1. They look appropriately hairy and dangerous. Nice work. I especially like the grumpy old man bottom picture far right. He looks dangerous.
    I have my eye on some Footsore minis. Glad to hear you like them.

  2. Same as Mike, I have been looking at Footsore...and for the same reason. Let there be Dux an lots of it!