May just as well post a quick snapshot of the content of the other of Flashpoint’s blister with Vietnamese civilians. Another varied mix of figures and with only one repeat from farmers blisters. At first glance it is actually a bit hard to see what poses are included in this blister. Two of the miniatures seem to be ‘ladies of the night’, perhaps a bit suspect subject for a ‘village’. A trio of mothers carrying kids on their backs strikes me as a more suitable choice, as do the generic peasants and the elderly gentleman with a cane. The repeat from farmers set, a mini that I’m already habitually calling ‘the village idiot’ is also appreciated; guess my village will have two of them. Finally, the most innovative sculpt of them all – the cyclist.

Minis are relatively clean and will require minimal cleanup before painting.  I’ll get back to you with the end result as soon as they’re done, maybe even this weekend.


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