October 25, 2014

C4 Open 2014–Part I

Upplagd av Minondas

It’s the last weekend of October, which only means one thing – it’s time for yet another visit to C4 Open exhibition, the biggest (by default, since it’s the only one) modelling exhibition in my area.

This year’s event was a bit disappointing and I really hope that it’s not an indication of development in the hobby in general. Far fewer displays almost no large scale dioramas. On the other hand, there were unusually many miniatures (including some 28mm Napoleonic minis from Perry Brothers!), so that was good news.

Anyway… managed to take a bunch of pictures and fall in love all over again with my tiny Lumix LX7; by gods, what a brilliant little camera it is! Here’s the first instalment, mostly miniatures and a bunch of ‘big cats’ in 1/35 scale.

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