March 09, 2014

Flashpoint US Infantry– Unit review

Well, they’re finally done! Actually, they’ve been done ever since November last year, but I didn’t get to basing them until last weekend. Also, I couldn’t find time for a decent photo shoot until now.

Anyway… the basing. Usually I run with the usual procedure, sanding the base, maybe a wash and finally some flocking, if needed. This time around I tried something new. Instead of sanding, the texture of the base was provided by a layer of fine grade carpenter’s filler. Once dry, I painted it black and then used a mixture of MiG Vietnam Earth pigment and Testor Dullcote for earth color. When mixed together, those two become in principle a very dark reddish paint. In fact, it was so dark that some additional pigment had to be applied once the mixture was dry to provide some highlights. The final result is certainly different from what I’m used to and I’m not completely sure it’s 100 percent to my liking, but… there it is.

The final stage of flocking was done in traditional way. Various types of flocking – 2mm grass fibers, tiny bits of Woodland Scenics bush foliage and grass tufts were fixed in place with thinned out white glue and cyanoacrylate glue, as needed.

Final result is can be seen below. Personally, I am quite pleased with those figures – this may very well be my best paint job of 15mm minis up to now.


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