November 16, 2013

Flashpoint Miniatures Local Force VC–First Impressions

Believe it or not, but I’m actually finished painting first batch of my US infantry for Vietnam project. Pictures to prove that statement will follow as soon as I’m done basing them.

With one side done, I have “swiftly” moved on to the opposition – the vaunted Victor Charlie. Flashpoint Miniatures sticks to historical facts and has split their offerings for Vietnamese troops into three groups – local force, main force and regular Northern troops. Since my project is in its infancy, it seemed prudent to start with the local guys.

As far as I understand things, local VC consisted of local population of Southern Vietnam, peasants at day, partisans at night. Thus, two things distinguished them from their brothers in arms – their clothing was civilian and their equipment was sub-standard. Flashpoint’s LVC Rifle Platoon blister reflects both of these facts. All figures wear ‘classic’ peasant pyjamas and are either bare-headed or wear some sort of civilian headwear – classical hats or bandanas. They’re equipped mainly with what I assume are bolt action or at best SKS rifles. Few AK-s and PPSH submachine guns are thrown into the mix for the sake of variety. Fire support is provided by a couple of figures with RPG-s and single figure blasting away with an RPD.

The blister has a good variety of sculpts – majority of figures are riflemen in different ‘standard’ poses. Five or six figures are unique and suitable for leaders. I also appreciated a dash of cliché in selection of sculpts – one of the figures is an old man with classical Confucian beard and I believe there are at least two female sculpts in the blister. People’s army indeed.

Quality of sculpts is adequate, I doubt however that they will make anybody outburst with wows and ahhhs. They’re on Battlefront’s level of detail and will perform adequately on the table, but  nowhere near the top standard set by AB and Eureka Miniatures. Facial features is one aspect that Flashpoint Miniatures could definitely improve upon.


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