December 01, 2012

Time to brag a little

Upplagd av Minondas

I must admit that my painting pace has slackened over last month or so. One of main reasons is the fact that for some unexplainable reasons I decided to go back to modelling (no, it had nothing to do with this year’s C4 Open Ler) and a significant chunk of my leisure time was spent on a delightful little Spitfire from Airfix.

Now, airplane models in 1/72 scale aren’t the most practical things to use in wargaming, so this post doesn’t have much to do with the hobby per say. But it’s my blog and I am so damn pleased with how this little model came out that I can’t help but brag a little. I also have to say this – now that Airfix rose from the ashes of their decades long complacency, they have started to release some cracking little models!


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Anibal Invictus said...

Beautiful model

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