April 17, 2012

Return of Derfel's Wolftails

As already mentioned (on several occasions), my main inspiration for starting Romano-British WAB army was "Winter King" trilogy by Bernard Cornwell. It would therefore be rather strange if I didn't have Derfel's Wolftails among my units. However, the heroic status of Derfel's warriors in the book didn't matter much on wargaming table - H. demonstrated that fact to me in rather painful manner by wiping them out to the last man in their first and so far their last battle.

I could of course have blamed the disaster that befell Derfel's warriors on the fact that they were brand new. After all, it is widely known fact that newly painted units always get their butt kicked. But the real reason for their untimely demise was rather more prosaic - a unit of twelve figures has no staying power in WAB. Naturally, the solution to the problem was to paint more miniatures. Well, it took me a while, but after finding some time during last weekend I was finally done with my "recruiting" efforts. Now, the new and improved Derfel's Wolftails can finally be presented to the public. I must admit that I am rather pleased with the end result. I still suck at painting realistically looking spears and as it turns out it is physically impossible for me to draw a decent looking five-pointed star. But the fact remains that this could very well be my best painting work so far.



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