August 30, 2009

Adler ACW range review redux - part 5

What do they say... oh, yes, road to hell is paved with good intentions. I was hoping that after first week of my vacation I would be done both with my first Spartan unit for Fields of Glory and perhaps even with that beautiful Wolftail Band for my WAB Arthurians. As it is, I still have quite a lot of work left on my Spartans and Wolftails... well, let's not talk about them at this moment.

So, I am forced to re-run some old material - here's next part of my review of Adler ACW range. While I'm fully aware that it's a silly criterion, for review purpose I'm dividing Adler's miniatures into Union and Confederate miniatures based on the headwear type on their heads. Thus minis with kepis can be found in part one and minis with hats are reviewed below.

Of course I'm not using this principle when painting Confederate units. Right or wrong, I like my Confederates to have more irregular look than their Union counterparts. For that reason in I mix freely all minis available from Adler.

Adler Miniatures ACW range - strips ACW3A/XACW4
Strips with number 3 are basically same as 1 and 2, except for the fact that miniatures wear hats instead of kepis. Strip 3A has four miniatures with firing stance. Strips XACW3 and XACW4 can be used to achieve more animated units.

ACW3A - Hat, firing, blanket roll.

XACW4 - infantry, hat, loading.

Confederate regiment ready to fire.

Yes, they still look silly when in column formation.

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