January 06, 2018

2017 in retrospective

Time to reach for a platitude – another year has passed, another year is ahead of us and it’s time to look back and forth.

2017 as wargaming year wasn’t very exciting for me. I did take a quick look at the goals I’ve set for myself in corresponding post from a year ago, it was a tad depressing to realize that pretty much none of of them has been achieved. Not that it matters, because I still managed to have a lot of fun.

  • Four major ACW games
  • Moved over from “They Couldn’t Hit an Elephant” to “Guns at Gettysburg” for ACW period
  • Introductory “Dux Britaniarum” raid arranged for L.
  • First taste of “Chain of command”
  • Painted couple of battalions for Napoleonics in 6mm
  • Painted 20+ 20mm Americans for WWII
  • In terrain department, one new house and several terrain pieces for 20mm games and a river system for 6mm are now ready for use.
  • Couple of terrain experiments with caulk and bamboo fibre

I am also very happy to report that I have refrained almost completely from any new purchases. Couple of 20mm minis and vechicles that I really need for next year, and couple of rulesets in PDF format – that’s it. Why is that good news, you may wonder. Well, with shedloads of stuff lying around and waiting for my attention, getting more of it seems a bit pointless.

Hey, mate! We’ve been standing on this loudspeaker for more that half a year now, waiting for next boat to Britain. Have you planned next cruise yet?!

So what about 2018? If I allow myself grand dreams, then the the priorities for next year look like this:

  • First and foremost, get “Dux Britaniarum” rolling again. L. has had his firs outing and it’s about time H. gets back into the game. So with two simultanous campaigns, hopefully we’ll gain some momentum.
  • More “Guns at Gettysburg” games. Historical scenarios or ficticious one-offs, I don’t care, as long as I get more games under the belt on regular basis. Move over to Guns at Gettysburg has been a very positive experience so far!
  • “Chain of Command” – the main obstacle to tackle in this department is terrain. I spent a lot of last year on preparing and painting terrain. Since it’s my least favorite part of the hobby, procrastination was frequent and extended. This year, I seriously need to bite the bullet and put together these buildings and hedges. Once that’s done, getting the gang together for some games shouldn’t be to difficult. After all, it’s WWII skirmish, what’s not to like there!
  • “Chain of Command” redux – I need to paint a lot more minis for this one.


  • Vietnam project – let’s face it, this one is on verge of starvation. Between all other projects and “real life”, I’ve been having real difficulty finding time and mustering enegry for this one. Not scrapping it yet though.

Allright, that’s all for now. See you all on the other side!